by Brie Ogletree

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the intuitive strength mission

Empowering women to get strong and lean by providing them with time-efficient strength and conditioning workouts that leave them feeling unstoppable.


Habit-Based Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Brie discovered her passion for fitness through her own struggles with weight loss and body image as a young adult. After countless cycles of dieting, losing weight, and gaining it back, she knew there had to be another way to get in better shape and feel great about her body without restrictive dieting.

Brie decided to take a more intuitive approach to nutrition and working out and hasn't looked back.  She has since dedicated her career to helping her clients get the same great results through habit-based nutrition guidance, customized, and group total body workouts.  Her coaching is guaranteed to help you improve body composition (more muscle, less fat), energy, and most importantly, self-confidence.

Brie earned her Exercise Science degree from Temple University, her personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and her nutrition coaching certification from Precision Nutrition.

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